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Transfer Money to Indonesia

I’m originally from Indonesia and have been transferred money several times there. When it comes to send money abroad, there are two things that matter most to me: EXCHANGE RATE and TRANSFER FEE … and ability to transfer to Bank Mandiri account, and transfer speed.

Ok it’s actually four -_-

So after doing many research beforehand, I got three winner where I put my trust in. Here is my review:

1. TransferWise (Free first transfer up to $4,500)

TrasferWise usually has THE BEST EXCHANGE RATE to Indonesian rupiah. I’ve been excited with this remit since months ago, when they didn’t have IDR as its supported currency yet, so I glad I found it finally works for IDR in late August. When I was writing this post, here is the USD to IDR exchange rate pulled up by Google (1 USD = 14016 IDR)

USD to UDR September 1, 2015

USD to IDR September 1, 2015

and at the same time here is what I got from TransferWise Continue Reading