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Transfer Money to Indonesia

I’m originally from Indonesia and have been transferred money several times there. When it comes to send money abroad, there are two things that matter most to me: EXCHANGE RATE and TRANSFER FEE … and ability to transfer to Bank Mandiri account, and transfer speed.

Ok it’s actually four -_-

So after doing many research beforehand, I got three winner where I put my trust in. Here is my review:

1. TransferWise (Free first transfer up to $4,500)

TrasferWise usually has THE BEST EXCHANGE RATE to Indonesian rupiah. I’ve been excited with this remit since months ago, when they didn’t have IDR as its supported currency yet, so I glad I found it finally works for IDR in late August. When I was writing this post, here is the USD to IDR exchange rate pulled up by Google (1 USD = 14016 IDR)

USD to UDR September 1, 2015

USD to IDR September 1, 2015

and at the same time here is what I got from TransferWise

TransferWIse Rate

TransferWise Rate

Only IDR 124 differences is not bad AT ALL, compared to other remits. I felt sketchy at first (haha) but it works! The money usually delivered in 2-3 business days and it needs your bank account to pull your money. The fee? it is about IDR 14,500 for transfer up to IDR 2,000,000, over than that it’s 1.5% so it can be expensive if you are going to send a huge amount of money. BUUUT don’t worry if you want to try this without paying a transfer fee, I currently have a promo link to make you get your first transfer up to $4,500.

Another good news, beside getting your first transfer free, you will get higher exchange rate! I just realized it today when I tried to snip the page

TransferWise - Rate using promo link

TransferWise – Rate using promo link

Even it stands some points higher than Google rate ha! Definitely worth a try isn’t it?

2. Ria Transfer

Among other remit companies, Ria was my first try. It has STRONG EXCHANGE RATE as well, sometimes a tiny bit higher than TransferWise (like captured in my post below).


Ria Rate


But I don’t know why it can’t transfer the money to almost all major banks in Indonesia (only BNI works I guess) so the recipient MUST go to the bank to pick up the money and it took more than a week. For me, it’s inconvenient and a big con. They accept debit as well as credit card and bank account as payment method but in the first transfer they will call you (or it just me?) to confirm your identity and asking some question such as “is he/she your family”etc. I don’t know what will happen if I missed the phone call, cancelled transfer maybe?

The fee is vary depends on the transfer amount but for a $500 transfer you will be charged $5 for using bank account, $8 for debit and $10 for credit card.

Want your first transfer free? I have their promo link as well ;)

3. Paypal

I WAS an avid PayPal user to send money. I transfer money from my US PayPal account to my PayPal Indonesia account and withdraw my money to my Bank Mandiri Account. It’s quite complicated though but it WAS the most convenient way since it is fast; only takes 2-3 business to get the money. The huge drawback is the exchange rate: it usually falls between IDR 250 – IDR 500 from the common exchange rate.

Paypal Rate

Paypal Rate

Pretty awful if you are willing to transfer a big amount of money. It has TRANSFER FEE to transfer between US PayPal and PayPal Indonesia about 0.5% and it also have withdrawal fee about IDR 16,000 if you withdraw less than IDR 1,499,000 from your PayPal Indonesia, bigger than that it’s free.

I am not using PayPal anymore since TrasnferWise include IDR to its supported currency but most of Indonesian designer, developer, programmer etc has PayPal and prefer PayPal as their payment method so I guess PayPal still be the major one.

So, what do you think?

Which one do you prefer? Share your opinion below ;)




  • Reply diasajeng |

    Halo mbak Mona! Apa sudah pernah coba transfer pakai western union? aku pernah baca katanya prosedurnya mudah, bisa diambil dalam hitungan jam juga, cuma belum ada pengalaman sih, hehe

  • Reply Brian |

    Hi Mona,

    Great post, thank you. I just started using TrasferWise and also find it to have MUCH better exchange rates than PayPal. But, I don’t think they transfer to Bank Mandiri accounts. Do you have any info about this?

    • Reply Nurvirta |

      Hi Brian!

      I have been transferring to Bank Mandiri twice and succeed. All you need is to go to recipient list (https://transferwise.com/user/recipients/list), Add New, and then choose “Mandiri Kantor Pusat Operasional” as Beneficiary’s bank name. Lastly, put the recipient’s bank account number there. Hope this helps!

      • Reply anjul |

        Hi mona.
        I’ve questions
        Bank apa aja yg bisa menerima transfer dari transferwise. .
        Saya pernah coba pakek account bank BRI pusat but it’s doesn’t work at all. .
        Anyway saya mau ngirim ke east java. .

        • Reply Nurvirta |

          Saya pakai mandiri dan bisa bisa aja tuh :'( kalo kamu ada kesulitan coba diemail ke transferwisenya yaa

  • Reply Nia |

    Haloo terima kasih untuk infonya, membantu banget kebetulan saya lagi nyari gimana cara nerima uang dari USA. Kayanya paling bagus pake Transferwise yaa.. Tapi saya masih ada beberapa pertanyaan:
    1. Berarti nanti uang yang ditransfer langsung masuk rekening penerima dalam bentuk rupiah gitu kan jadi ga perlu withdrawal fee?
    2. Bagaimana notifikasinya kalau uang sudah sampai? Apa hanya cek saldo?
    Tolong dijawab yaa terima kasih :)

    • Reply Nurvirta |

      1. Iya, langsung rupiah :)
      2. Cek saldo rekening tujuan, ada semacam notif, tapi kayaknya biar mantep sih cek saldo aja

  • Reply Alexandra |

    halo, Mbak Mona.
    TransferWise belum bisa buat transfer dari Indonesia (IDR? USD?) ke luar negeri ya?

  • Reply Hartini |

    Hello Mba,
    Thank you buat informasi mengenai transfer uang dari US ke Indonesia nya, sangat membantu sekali buat saya yang lagi nyari2 best way to do it :)
    Plus lagi saya pakai link yang di share and it helps a lot to reduce the fee, anyway sekarang mungkin rules nya uda berubah, jadi free transfer fee up to $600 aja. Kalau transfer lebih dari $600 maka akan kena fee hehehe
    Thank you for sharing this information ya.

  • Reply farrah |

    halllooo mbak :)
    mau tanya apakah penerima uang harus punya account tranfer wise ?

  • Reply Dini |

    Say saya mau tanya dong, suamiku kan kirim uang dr USA.
    Aku ambil di BRI data aku ada disitu, komplit sampe nominal yg dikirim semua jelas, tapi diketerangan banknya tdk bisa diprint atau data not found, itu gimana ya, kita tdk bisa pindah bank ya mohon infonya

    • Reply Nurvirta |

      Eh maaf ini saya nggak bisa bantu :( coba sekarang dicek lagi di BRI bisakah? atau kalo ngga, tanya customer service remit nya

So, what do you think ?